Technology is constantly evolving & online market share is increasing, so , local marketing has become even harder. Indeses custom builds a local marketing strategy for your business which consists of traditional marketing techniques as well as some innovative ways which leaves a long lasting brand impression & gives you a great ROI.

Pre-launch Marketing

Event Management

FM Advertisement


Cinema Advertising

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Local Marketing Services

Major Local Markting Services Provided by Indeses

Pre-Launch Local Marketing

Planning to launch your business? Their are a lot of local marketing activities you can do to grab a pre-launch traction & catch the attention of potential eyeballs.
Indeses helps you with planning & execution of best local marketing activities.


We provide consultancy services to uproot your existing marketing practices, pointing out the factors that restrict the growth of the business. Our aim is to challenge those ideas and help you formulate goals and strategies that will benefit your company. During this process our advisory team’s complete support is offered to guide you along the way. We work closely with your company challenging the current pursuit and introducing effective marketing tools to enhance your business growth in the online space. Whether you are looking for guidance to establish your business or want to expand your existing business and take it to the next level, we can help you.


To increase user engagement and inform the audience about the brand’s service or product we use marketing techniques such as social wall, cross promotion event, contests and polling; promoting your brand through events. So, if you have an event under pipeline, contact us for a free event marketing proposal.


Cinema is a place where family, couples, friends & other peer group get together and have focus on a single medium, Cinema Screen.

This is a very amazing means of advertising if used creatively as it has a larger than life impact as compared to televisions, mobiles or other gadgets.
We have tie-ups with different cinema screens to provide on-screen and off-screen ads in cinema premises.
Cinema advertising is very cost efficient and one of the best ways of local marketing.


FM advertising is a great way to reach to your local market & provides good ROI if done properly. We provide FM advertising in Jaipur which begins from scratch by creation of your ad concept & getting that recording in a professional studio by professional artists. We have tie-up with most of the FM stations for broadcasting your FM ads.


Hoardings in your city lanes or highways have a high visibility & we provide booking of hoardings around your city.
We also create creative advertisement for hoarding ad requirements.

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